Materi TOEFL Listening Part A

Materi TOEFL Listening Part A

Toefl Listening Part A biasanya berupa casual conversation/percakapan pendek sehari-hari antara 2 orang (laki-laki dan perempuan) dan disusul oleh suara orang ketiga narrator yang memberikan pertanyaan mengenai percakapan tersebut. Pertanyaan biasanya sebanyak 30 soal.

Note: Pertanyaan tidak akan tertulis dikertas. Jadi dengarkan baik-baik pertanyaannya.

Question 1

Man: Should I lock up the computer lab now before I go home?
Woman: Don’t bother. I’m not leaving for a while – I can check on it on my way out.
Narrator: What will the woman probably do?
A. Lock the computer lab later
B. Leave the man
C. Buy a new lock for the computer lab
D. Show the man where the lab is

Tips Mengerjakan Listening Section 1

Pada saat mengerjakan soal Listening Part A, fokuslah pada apa yang diucapkan oleh orang kedua


Question 2

Man: Do you mind if I turn the television off?
Woman: Well, I’m in the middle of watching a program.
Narrator: What does the woman imply?

Pada contoh percakapan diatas, Narrator bertanya apa yang pembicara kedua (Woman) maksud? See? Narrator tidak menanyakan apa yang dimaksud ole Pembicara pertama (Man). Jadi, ketika mengerjakan listening part A (Short Conversation), perhatikan apa yang diucapkan oleh  orang kedua.

Listening Exercise 1

Question 1
(A). It’s brand new.
(B). She just repaired it.
(C). Someone Painted it.
(D). It’s just been Sold.

Question 2 
(A) Give the woman cash.
(B) Go to his car.
(C) Return some merchandise.
(D) Use his credit card.

Question 3 
(A). He shouldn’t have thrown away the list.
(B). He doesn’t have to read all the books.
(C). All of the books on the list are required.
(D). Some of the books are available now.

Question 4
(A). She enjoyed it very much.
(B). She thought it was to long.
(C). She thought it was boring.
(D). She only liked the ending.

Question 5.        
(A). Either a pen or pencil can be used.
(B). It’s not necessary to fill out the form.
(C). She doesn’t have either a pen or a pencil.
(D). A pen id better than a pencil.

Question 6.
(A) The software isn’t convenient to use.
(B) He’s not familiar with the software.
(C) Using the software is simple.
(D) He wishes he’d bought that software.

Question 7.
(A) The man ordered it, but it hasn’t arrived yet.
(B) It isn’t working.
(C) Someone else is using it.
(D) The man doesn’t know how to operate it.

Question 8.
(A) What time his brother called.
(B) Where to meet his brother.
(C) Why his brother called.
(D) When to meet his brother.

Question 9.
(A) He left on a long trip yesterday.
(B) His letter arrived unexpectedly.
(C) He seemed to be sad yesterday.
(D) The letter he sent was very funny.

Question 10.
(A) It’s on the wrong floor.
(B) There are too many bedrooms.
(C) It’s too small.
(D) The rent is too high.

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