Sample Structure and Written Expression Test

Sample Structure and Written Expression Test

Time: 25 minutes
This section tests your ability to recognize grammar and usage suitable for standard written English. This section is divided into two parts, each with its own directions.


Directions: Items in this part are incomplete sentences. Following each of these sentences, there are four words or phrases. You should select the one word or phrase-(A), (B), (C), or (D)-that best completes the sentence. 111en fill in the space on your answer sheet that matches the letter of the answer that you have selected.

Example 1

Pepsin ____ an enzyme used in digestion.
(A) that
(B) is
(C) of
(D) being

Sample Answer
A         B         C         D

This sentence should properly read “Pepsin is an enzyme used in digestion.” You should fill in (B) on your answer sheet.

Example II

____ large natural lakes are found in the state of South Carolina.
(A) There are no
(B) Not the
(C) It is not
(D) No

Sample Answer
A         B         C         D

This sentence should properly read “No large natural lakes are found in the state of South Carolina.” You should fill in (D) on your answer sheet.

As soon as you understand the directions, begin work on this part.

1. Martha Graham, _______ of the pioneers of modern dance, didn’t begin dancing until she was twenty-one.
(A) who, as one
(B) she was
(C) one
(D) was one

2. Tiger moths _______ wings marked with stripes or spots.
(A) have
(B) with
(C) their
(D) whose

3. Platinum is harder than copper and is almost as pliable ______
(A) gold
(B) than gold
(C) as gold
(D) gold is

4. Most of Annie Jump Cannon’s career as an astronomer involved the observation, classification, and ______
(A) she analyzed stars
(B) the stars’ analysis
(C) stars were analyzed
(D) analysis of stars

5. Many communities are dependent on groundwater _______ from wells for their water supply.
(A) that obtained
(B) obtained
(C) is obtained
(D) obtain it

6. _______ experimental studies of the aging process, psychologist Ross McFarland determined that people could work productively much longer than had previously been thought.
(A) In that
(B) Through
(C) Since
 (D) Into

7. ______ often raise funds from the sale of stock.
(A) For corporations to operate
 (B) The operations of corporations
(C) Corporations operate by
(D) To operate, corporations

8. While all birds are alike in that they have feathers and lay eggs, _______ great differences among them in terms of size, structure, and color.
(A) there are
(B) but are
(C) if there are
(D) to be

9. There were _____ federal laws regulating mining practices until 1872.
(A) none
(B) not
(C) no
(D) nor

10. The Masters, one of the most important of all golf tournaments, _______ every year in Augusta, Georgia.
(A) has held
(B) being held
(C) is held
(D) holding

11. Not only _______ places of beauty; they serve scientific and educational purposes as well.
(A) are botanical gardens
(B) botanical gardens to be
(C) botanical gardens are
(D) to be botanical gardens

12. _______ quicksand can be found all over the world, little was known about its composition until recently.
(A) Except
(B) Although
(C) Even
(D) Despite

13. In 1791 Quebec was divided into two sections, Upper Canada and Lower Canada, ____ were ruled by elected assemblies.
(A) they both
(B) both of them
(C) in which both
(D) both of which

14. _______ are a form of carbon has been known since the late eighteenth century.
(A) Diamonds
(B) Because diamonds
(C) That diamonds
(D) Diamonds, which

15. Designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, _____
(A) the United States was given the Statue of Liberty by the people of France
(B) the people of France gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States
(C) the Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by the people of France
(D) the French people presented the United States with a gift, the Statue of Liberty

Written Expression

Directions: The items in this part have four underlined words or phrases, (A), (B), (C) and (D). You must identify the one underlined expression that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and fijI in the space corresponding to the letter.

Example 1

Lenses may to have either concave   or   convex shapes.
A = to have
B = concave
C = or  
D= shapes

Sample Answer
A         B         C         D

This sentence should read “Lenses may have either concave or convex shapes.” You should therefore select answer (A).

Example II

When painting a fresco, an artist is applied paint directly to the damp plaster of a wall.

A = When
B = is applied
C = directly
D = of a wall.  

Sample Answer

This sentence should read “When painting a fresco, an artist applies paint directly to the damp plaster of a wall.” You should therefore select answer (B).

As soon as you understand the directions, begin work on this section.

16. There are thousand of different types   of roses.
A = There
B = thousand
C = different
D = of

17. Since 1908 breeders set out to produce chickens that could survive Canada’s cold climate.
A = Since
B = set out
C = survive
D = cold climate.

18. From 1865 to 1875, a remarkable various of inventions was produced.
A = From
B = remarkable
C = various
D = was produced.

19. The simplest kind of plant, alike the simplest kind of animal, consists of only one cell.
A = The simplest
B = alike
C = consists
D = only one

20. The first recorded use of natural gas to light streetlamps it was in the town of Frederick, New York, in 1825.
A = recorded
B = to light
C = it was
D = the town of

21. A museum in Denver, Colorado, chronicles black cowboys and his role in the history of the American West.
A = chronicles
B = and
C = his
D = history

22. Bluegrass music is a kind of country music who was pioneered by Bill Monroe of Rosine, Kentucky.
A = a kind of
B = who
C = pioneered
D = of

23. A number of the materials used in manufacturing paint are potential dangerous if mishandled.
A = A number of
B = in manufacturing
C = potential
D = mishandled

24. There are several races of giraffes, but there are only one species.
A = There
B = several
C = but
D = are

25. Chestnuts were once the most common tree in the eastern United States, but almost of them were destroyed by a disease called chestnut blight.
A = were once
B = most common
C = almost
D = called

26. Despite they are small, ponies are strong and have great stamina.
A = Despite
B = small
C = strong
D = have

27. Physical therapists help patients relearn how to use their bodies after disease or injure.
A = relearn
B = to use
C = after
D = injure.

28. Liquids take the shape of any container which in they are placed.
A= the shape
B = any
C = which in
D = placed.

29. The Sun supplies the light and the warmth that permit life on Earth existing.
A = The
B = the warmth
C = life
D = existing.

30. For seventeen years, between  1932 to 1949, Fred Allen was one of the most popular
A = to
B = was
C= one of the
D = on radio.

31. Boolean algebra is most often used to solve problems in logic, probability, and engineer.
A = most often
B = to solve
C = in logic
D = engineer.

32. Attorney Clarence Darrow is knowing for his defense of unpopular persons and causes.
A = is knowing
B = his
C = defense of
D = causes.

33. Phi Beta Kappa is a honor society that encourages scholarship in science and art.
A = a
B = society
C = scholarship
D = art

34. The French Quarter is the most famous and the most old section of New Orleans.
A = the
B = famous
C = most old
D = of

35. There was once a widespread believe that all lizards were poisonous.
A = There was
B = believe
C = all lizards
D = poisonous.

36. In the late nineteenth century, many public buildings, especially that on college campuses were built in the in the Romanesque Revival style of architecture.
A = In the late
B = that
C = were built
D = architecture.

37. Sponges have neither heads nor separate body organs.
A = have
B = heads
C = nor
D = organs.

38. A wooden barrel is made from strips of wood called staves holding together with metal hoops. A = A wooden
B = strips
C = holding
D = metal

39. Salt was once too scarce and precious that it was used as money.
A = too
B = and
C = was used as
D = money.

40. Sharks acquire many sets of tooth during their lifetimes.
A = many
B = tooth
C = during
D = their


Kunci Jawaban Test Structure Bagian 1

1. C









16. The plural verb are indicates that a plural subject, thousands, must be used
17. The preposition in should replace the preposition since (The preposition since is used only in sentences in which the verb is in the present perfect tense, not the simple past tense).
18. The noun variety should be used in place of the adjective various.
19. The word alike is only used in the pattern A and B are alike. The correct pattern in this sentence is A, like B ,….
20. The subject of the sentence is use; it is an unnecessary repetition of the subject.

21. A plural pronoun (their) should be used to agree with the plural noun cowboys.
22. The relative pronoun who can only refer to a person, not to a thing. The relative pronoun that or which should be used instead.
23. An adverb (potentially) not an adjective (potential) is needed.
24. The subject of the clause (one species) is singular, so the singular verb is must be used.
25. Almost is the wrong word choice. The best word choice is most (or almost all).

26. Despite is used only before noun phrases. An adverb-clause marker (although) must be used with a clause.
27. A noun (injury), not a verb (injure), is required.
28. The preposition must precede the relative pronoun: in which.
29. After the verb permit, an infinitive (to exist) is used.
30. The correct pattern is between A and B.

31. In order to be parallel with the other words in the series (logic and probability), the name of the field (engineering) must be used.
32. The verb in this sentence should be passive; therefore, the past participle known (not the -ing form knowing) must be used.
33. Before a word beginning with a vowel sound (honor), the article an must be used.
34. The superlative form of a one-syllable adjective (old) is formed with the suffix -est: oldest.
35. The noun belief should be used in place of the verb believe.

36. The plural pronoun those should be used to refer to the plural noun phrase public buildings.
37. The correct pattern is neither… nor.
38. A past participle (held) is needed in place of the -ing form.
39. The correct pattern is so + adjective + that clause (too is used in the pattern too + adjective + infinitive).
40. A plural noun (teeth) is required.

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