TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 6

TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 6

1. _ discussed by the board of directors when it was proposed again by the supervisors.
a) The problem had already
b) The problem is already
c) The problem had already been
d) The problem has already

2. Much of the carnage of elephants, giraffes, and big cats __ uncaring hunters.
a) Must commit by
b) Must be committed
c) Must have committed
d) Must have been committed by

3. The x-ray treatments __ up to the time that he was dismissed from the hospital.
a) Gave daily
b) Were given daily
c) Basically have given
d) Daily had been given

4. Particular issues that concern teenagers were covering in the half-hour program.
a) Issues
b) Concern
c) Were
d) Covering

5. Electrical impulses may also picked up by the optic nerve.
a) Impulses
b) May
c) Picked
d) By the optic

6. Workers training for a specific job have a strong possibility of being replace by a machine.
a) Training
b) Have
c) Being
d) Replace

7. On June 30, 1992, international timekeepers in Paris were added an extra second to the day.
a) On
b) Were added
c) Second
d) The day

8. The report could not be turned in on time because all the needed work lost.
a) Could not be
b) Turned
c) Needed
d) Lost

9. In English these questions have be formed by changing the word order of a statement, whereas in some languages the word order remains the same.
a) Have be
b) Formed
c) Changing
d) Remains

10. He was not able to define the process by which the body had protected by the immunologic system.
a) Was not
b) To define
c) By which
d) Had protected

11. Cameos can be carved not only from onyx and sardonyx or from agate.
a) Cameos
b) Be carved
c) From
d) Or

12. Although most of the wild horses on the western range have already been rounded up, the most remote the area, the greater the possibility that wild horses can still be found.
a) Most of
b) Have already been
c) Most
d) The possibility

13. During this period, $206 was spend annually on food by families in the lower third income bracket.
a) Was
b) Spend
c) On food
d) Lower third

14. The dangers of noise are, unfortunately, not as clear-cut than are those from most other health hazards.
a) Are
b) Than
c) Are those
d) Most other

15. In a recent survey of Americans, more than 75 percent expressed the view that the government it should take a more active role in health care.
a) Recent survey
b) Expressed
c) It should
d) A more

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