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Directions:  Items in this part are incomplete sentences. Following each of these sentences, there are four words or phrases. You should select the one word or phrase -(A), (B), (C), or (D)- that best completes the sentence. Then, fill in the space on your answer sheet that matches the letter of the answer that you have selected.

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1. One of resemble points of ___ the brain was constructing the experience.

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2. ___ discussed by the board of directors when it was proposed again by the supervisors.

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3. What researchers see in the grandmothers ___ .

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4. Recruiting inexperienced people to help out in a time of crisis has also proven extremely ___ .

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5. Many things that seem unrelated to emotion actually have a profound impact on how you feel, ___ the porous boundary between the social and the physical.

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6. Much of the carnage of elephants, giraffes, and big cats ___ uncaring hunters.

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7. The machine can pack about 120 apples a minute, ___ it is much faster than a human and much more consistent.

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8. The X-ray treatments ___ up to the time that he was dismissed from the hospital.

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9. Humans evolved on a planet with a 24-hour cycle of light and dark, and our bodies are ___ to work in partnership with sunlight.

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10. The international language known as Esperanto ___ to be simple and logical, with a flexible vocabulary and a grammar contained in sixteen basic rules.

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