Soal TOEFL Tentang Structure and Written Expression

Soal TOEFL Tentang Structure and Written Expression

Time-25 minutes (including the reading of the directions)
Now set your clock for 25 minutes.

This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English. There are two types of questions in this section, with special directions for each type.


Directions: Questions 1-15 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Fill in the space so that the letter inside the oval cannot be seen.

Look at the following examples.

Example I
The president ___ the election by a landslide.
(A) won
(B) he won
(C) yesterday
(D) fortunately

The sentence should read, “The president won the election by a landslide.” Therefore, you should choose (A).

Example II
When ___ the conference?
(A) the doctor attended
(B) did the doctor attend
(C) the doctor will attend
(D) the doctor’s attendance

The sentence should read, “When did the doctor attend the conference?” Therefore, you should choose (B). Now begin work on the questions.

1. The North Pole __ degrees north.
(A) it has
(B) is having
(C) which is having
(D) has

2. The city of Beverly Hills is surrounded on ___ the city of Los Angeles.
(A) its sides
(B) the sides are
(C) it is the side of
(D) all sides by

3. ___ greyhound, can achieve speeds up to thirty-six miles per hour.
(A) The
(B) The fastest
(C) The fastest dog
(D) The fastest dog, the

4. Marmots spend their time foraging among meadow plants and flowers or ___ on rocky cliffs
(A) gets sun
(B) sunning
(C) the sun
(D) sunny

5.  The greenhouse effect occurs ___heat radiated from the Sun
(A) when does the Earth’s atmosphere trap
(B) does the Earth’s atmosphere trap
(C) when the Earth’s atmosphere traps
(D) the Earth’s atmosphere traps

6. The Rose Bowl, ___ plac on New Year’sDay, is the oldest postseason  collegiate football game in the United States.
(A) takes
(B) it takes
(C) which takes
(D) took

7. Experiments ___ represent a giant step into the medicine of the future.
(A) using gene therapy
(B) use gene therapy
(C) they use
(D) gene therapy uses

8. ___ off the Hawaiian coastline are living, others are dead.
(A) While some types of coral reefs
(B) Some types of coral reefs
(C) There are many types of coral reefs
(D) Coral reefs

9. Nimbostratus clouds are thick, dark gray clouds ___ forebode rain.
 (A) what
 (B) which
 (C) what they
 (D) which they

10. Some economists now suggest that home equity loans are merely a new trap to push consumers beyond ___
(A) they can afford
(B) they can afford it
(C) what is affordable
(D) able to afford

11. People who reverse the letters of words ___ to read suffer from dyslexia.
(A) when trying
(B) if they tried
(C) when tried
(D) if he tries

12. Featured at the Henry Ford Museum ___ of antique cars dating from 1865.
(A) is an exhibit
(B) an exhibit
(C) an exhibit is
(D) which is an exhibit

13. Rubber ___ from vulcanized silicones with a high molecular weight is difficult to distinguish from natural rubber.
(A) is produced
(B) producing
(C) that produces
(D) produced

14. ___ appears considerably larger at the horizon than it does overhead is merely an optical illusion.
(A) The Moon
(B) That the Moon
(C) When the Moon
(D) The Moon which

15. According to the World Health Organization,___ any of the six most dangerous diseases to break out, it could be cause for quarantine.
(A) were
(B) they were
(C) there were
(D) were they

Written Expression

Directions: In questions 16-40, each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Look at the following examples.

Example 1
The four string on a violin are tuned in fifths.
A = The
B = string
C = are
D = tuned

The sentence should read, “The four strings on a violin are tuned in fifths.” Therefore, you should choose (B).

Example II
The research for the book Roots taking Alex Haley twelve years.
A = research
B = for the
C = taking
D = twelve years

The sentence should read, “The research for the book Roots took Alex Haley twelve years.” Therefore, you should choose (C).

Now begin work on the questions.

16. On the floor of the Pacific Ocean is hundreds of flat-topped mountains more than a mile beneath sea level.
A = the floor of
B = is
C = flat-topped
D = more than

17. Because of the flourish with which John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, his name become synonymous with signature.
A = which
B = his
C = become
D = synonymous

18. Segregation in public schools was declare unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1954.
A = public
B = was declare
C = unconstitutional
D = in 1954

19. Sirius, the Dog Star, is the most brightest star in the sky with an absolute’magnitude about twenty-three times that of the Sun.
A = the most brightest star
B = an absolute
C = twenty-three times
D = that

20. Killer whales tend to wander in family clusters that hunt, play, and resting together.
A = tend
B = to wander
C = resting
D = together

21. Some of the most useful resistor material are carbon, metals, and metallic alloys.
A = Some of
B = most useful resistor
C = material
D = metallic

22. The community of Bethesda, Maryland, was previous known as Darcy’s Store.
A = The community
B = previous
C = known
D = as

23. Alloys of gold and copper have been widely using in various types of coins.
A = have
B = widely
C = using
D = various types

24. J. H. Pratt used group therapy early in this century when he brought tuberculosis patients together to discuss its disease.
A = group
B = early
C = when he
D = its

25. The United States has import all carpet wools in recent years because domestic wools are too fine and soft for carpets.
A = import
B = all
C = because
D = too fine

26. Irving Berlin wrote “Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning” while serving in a U.S. Army during World War I.
A = wrote
B = while serving
C = a
D = during

27. Banks are rushing to merge because consolidations enable them to slash theirs costs and expand.
A = are rushing
B = enable them
C = theirs
D = expand.

28. That water has a very high specific heat means that without a large temperature change water can add or lose a large number of heat.
A = That
B = means
C = add or lose
D = number

29. Benny Goodman was equally talented as both a jazz performer as well as a classical musician.
A = equally
B = performer
C = as well as
D = classical musician

30. The state seal still used in Massachusetts designed by Paul Revere, who also designed the first Continental currency.
A = still used
B = designed
C = who
D = the first

31. Quarter horses were developed in eighteenth-century Virginia to race on courses short of about a quarter of a mile in length.
A = to race
B = courses short
C = of a mile
D = in length.

32. No longer satisfied with the emphasis of the Denishawn School, Martha Graham has moved to the staff of the Eastman School in 1925.
A = No longer
B = satisfied
C = the emphasis
D = has moved

33. William Hart was an act best known for his roles as western heroes in silent films.
A = act
B = best known
C = his
D = as

34. Prior to an extermination program earlier this century, alive wolves roamed across nearly all of North America.
A = Prior
B = earlier
C = alive
D = across nearly

35. During the 1960s the Berkeley campus of the University of California came to national attention as a result its radical political activity.
A = During
B = came to
C = result
D = political

36. Artist Gutzon Borglum designed the Mount Rushmore Memorial and worked on project from 1925 until his death in 1941.
A = Artist
B = project
C = until
D = his

37. It is proving less costly and more profitably for drugmakers to market directly to patients.
A = costly
B = profitably
C = to market
D = directly

38. Sapphires weighing as much as two pounds have on occasion mined.
A = weighing
B = as
C = two pounds
D = mined.

39. Like snakes, lizards can be found on all others continents except Antarctica.
A = .Like
B = be found
C = others
D = excep

40. Banks, savings and loans, and finance companies have recently been doing home have recently been doing home equity loans with greater frequency than ever before.
A = have recently
B = doing
C = greater frequency
D = ever before

This is the end of the Structure and Written Expression Pre-Test.

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