TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 7

TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 7

1. As a compilation of useful details, a weekly magazine commends itself in several respect.
a) Useful details
b) Weekly
c) Itself
d) Respect

2. Through aquaculture, or fish farming, more than 500 million tons of fish are produced each years.
a) More than
b) Million tons of fish
c) Are produced
d) Years

3. The legal system has much safeguards to protect the right of a defendant to an impartial jury.
a) Much
b) The right
c) Defendant
d) Jury

4. The mystery bookstore was largely a phenomena of the last decade.
a) Was
b) Largely
c) Phenomena
d) Last decade

5. The Song of Hiawatha, by Longfellow, tells the story of the Indian heroism who married Minehaha.
a) Tells
b) Heroism
c) Who
d) Married

6. Uranus is the seventh planets from the Sun.
a) Is
b) The
c) Planets
d) The sun

7. The Sycamore has broad leaves with a large amount of pointed teeth.
a) Broad
b) Leaves
c) Amount
d) Pointed

8. The first of two such investigation requires the students to read continuously over a period of four hours.
a) Investigation
b) Requires
c) Period
d) Four hours

9. A quantitative analysis, using both the computer and quantitative techniques, are used to optimize financial decisions.
a) Using
b) Techniques
c) Are used
d) To optimize

10. To enter tho FBI National Academy, an application must be between the ages of twenty-three and thirty-four.
a) To enter
b) Academy
c) Application
d) The ages

11. Temperature indicates on a bimetallic thermometer by the amount that the bimetallic strip bends.
a) Indicates
b) Bimetallic
c) Amount
d) That

12. Many of the food consumed by penguins consists of fish obtained from the ocean.
a) Many
b) Consumed
c) Consists of
d) Obtained from

13. Before the newspaper became widespread, a town crier has walked throughout a village or town singing out the news.
a) Widespread
b) Crier
c) Has
d) Singing out

14. All of NASA’s manned spacecraft project are headquartered at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston.
a) All of
b) Manned
c) Project
d) Headquartered

15. Fungi cause more serious plant diseased than do other parasites.
a) Cause
b) More serious
c) Diseased
d) Do other

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