TOEFL Scoring Premium: Soal Structure Level 1 Day 5

TOEFL Scoring Premium: Soal Structure Level 1 Day 5

1. Rarely __ located near city lights or at lower elevations.
a. Observatories are
b. Are
c. In the observatories
d. Are observatories

2. There are geographic, economic, and cultural reasons why __ around the world.
a. Diets differ
b. Do diets differ
c. Are diets different
d. To differ a diet

3. Were __ millions of dollars each year replenishing eroding beaches, the coastline would be changing even more rapidly.
a. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not spending
b. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not spend
c. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers does not spend
d. Not spending The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

4. Nowhere __ more skewed than in the auto industry.
a. That retail trade figures
b. Retail trade figures are
c. Are retail trade figures
d. Retail trade figures

5. New York City’s Central Park is nearly twice as large __ second smallest country, Monaco.
a. As
b. Is the
c. As is
d. As is the

6. Potassium has a valence of positive one because it usually loses one electron when __ with other elements.
a. Does it combine
b. It combines
c. In combining
d. Combination

7. The economic background of labor legislation will not be mentioned in this course, __ be treated.
a. Trade unionism will not
b. Nor trade unionism will
c. Nor will trade unionism
d. Neither trade unionism will

8. __ test positive for antibiotics when tanker trucks arrive at a milk processing plant, according to federal law, the entire truckload must be discarded.
a. Should milk
b. If milk
c. If milk is
d. Milk should

9. Located behind __ the two lacrimal glands.
a. Each eyelid
b. Is each eyelid
c. Each eyelid are
d. Each eyelid which is

10. Only for a short period of time __ run at top speed.
a. Cheetahs
b. Do cheetahs
c. That a cheetah can
d. Can

11. __ variety of flowers in the show, from simple carnations to the most exquisite roses.
a. A wide
b. There was a wide
c. Was there
d. Many

12. The wedges __ dart board are worth from one to twenty points each.
a. They are on a
b. Are on a
c. Are they on a
d. On a

13. __ producing many new movies for release after the new season begins.
a. His company is
b. His companies
c. The company
d. Why the company is

14. __ that Emily Dickinson wrote, 24 were given titles and 7 were published during her lifetime.
a. Of the 1,800 poems
b. There were 1,800 poems
c. Because the 1,800 poems
d. The 1,800 poems

15. Since an immediate change was needed on a emergency basis, __ by the governor to curtail railway expenditure.
a. So it was proposed
b. Was proposed
c. Because of the proposal
d. It was proposed

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