TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 1 Day 6

TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 1 Day 6

1. Among bees __ a highly elaborate form of communication.
a. Occur
b. Occurs
c. It occurs
d. They occur

2. __ heated by solar energy have special collectors on the roofs to trap sunlight.
a. A home is
b. Homes are
c. A home
d. Homes

3. Each number binary system are formed from only two symbols.
a. Binary
b. Are
c. Formed
d. Only two

4. Scientists at the medical center is trying to determine if there is a relationship between saccharine and cancer.
a. Is trying
b. To determine
c. Is
d. Saccharine and cancer

5. On the rim of Kilauea volcano in the Hawaiian Islands are a hotel called the volcano Hotel.
a. The rim
b. Hawaiian Islands
c. Are
d. Called

6. The great digital advances of the electronic age, such as integrated circuitry and a microcomputer, has been planted in tiny chips.
a. Great digital
b. Circuitry
c. Has
d. Planted

7. There are many frequently mentioned reasons why one out of four arrests involve a juvenile.
a. Frequently
b. Mentioned
c. Four arrests
d. Involve

8. Kepler’s Laws, principles outlining planetary movement, was formulated based on observations made without a telescope.
a. Was
b. Formulated
c. Based
d. Made

9. Only with a two-thirds vote by both houses are the U.S. Congress able to override a presidential veto.
a. Two-thirds vote
b. Are
c. Able to
d. Veto

10. Of all the evidence that has piled up since Webster’s paper was published, there is no new ideas to contradict his original theory.
a. Has piled
b. Is
c. New
d. To contradict

11. __ several unsuccessful attempts, Robert Peary reached the North Pole on April 6, 1909.
a. After
b. He made
c. When
d. His

12. The musical instrument __ is six feet long.
a. Is called the bass
b. It is called the bass
c. Called the bass
d. Calls the bass

13. One problem with all languages __ they are full of irregularities.
a. When
b. So
c. Is that
d. In case

14. __ of economic cycles been helpful in predicting turning points in cycles, they would have been used more consistently.
a. Psychological theories
b. Psychological theories have
c. Had psychological theories
d. Psychologists have theories

15. Hospital committees __ spent weeks agonizing over which artificial kidney candidate would receive the treatments now find that the decision is out of their hands.
a. Once
b. That once
c. Have
d. Once had

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