TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 4

TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 4

1. Alice in wonderland, first published in 1865, has since being translated into thirty languages
a) Published
b) Has
c) Being
d) Translated

2. The peace corps was establish on March 1, 1961, by then President John F. Kennedy.
a) The peace corps
b) Was
c) Establish
d) Then

3. The advisor told himself, while listening to the speech, that a dozen other reporters would has already asked that question.
a) Told
b) Listening
c) Would has
d) Asked

4. At the start of the American Revolution, lanterns were hung in the Old North Church as a signal that the British were came.
a) Start
b) Were
c) Hung
d) Came

5. Linus Pauling has wins two Nobel Prizes: the 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize.
a) Has
b) Wins
c) Two Nobel Prizes
d) In Chemistry

6. On the huge Ferris wheel constructed for a world exhibition in Chicago in 1893, each of the thirty-six cabs could held sixty people.
a) Huge
b) Constructed
c) Each of
d) Held

7. To overcome rejection of a skin graft, a system for matching donor and recipient tissues has be developed.
a) To overcome
b) Matching
c) Recipient
d) Be

8. Nails are commonly make of steel but also can contain substances such as aluminum or brass
a) Are
b) Make
c) Can
d) Contain

9. A patient suffering from amnesia may had partial or total loss of memory.
a) Suffering
b) May
c) Had
d) Loss

10. The idea of using pure nicotine to help smokers stop was first tries in the mid-1980’s with nicotine-laced chewing gum.
a) Using
b) To help
c) Stop
d) Tries

11. Helium has the most low boiling point of all substances.
a) Has
b) Most low
c) Boiling
d) All substances

12. There is twenty-six bones in the human foot, fourteen of them in the toes.
a) Is
b) The human foot
c) Them
d) The toes

13. Extension of the countdown hold to fourteen hours was order to five crews more time to repair wiring and clear away equipment.
a) Hold
b) Was order
c) More time
d) Wiring and clear

14. The study demonstrates that neither experience or awareness will improve chances of the success.
a) Demonstrates
b) That
c) Or
d) Chances

15. Some of the eye movements used in reading is actually unnecessary.
a) Used
b) Reading
c) Is
d) Actually

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