TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 5

TOEFL Scoring Premium Soal Structure Level 2 Day 5

1. In several of his paintings, Edward Hicks depicted the Quaker farm in Pennsylvania where he spends his youth.
a) Several of his paintings
b) Where
c) Spends
d) His

2. Florida has become the twenty-seventh state in the United States on march 3, 1845.
a) Has become
b) Twenty-seventh
c) State
d) In the

3. After last week’s meeting, the advertising department quickly realized that the product will need a new slogan.
a) Last week’s
b) Realized
c) Will
d) Need

4. John F.Kennedy’s grandfather, John F.Fitzgerald, serves two terms as the mayor of Boston in the beginning of the twentieth century.
a) F. Kennedy’s
b) Serves
c) As the
d) In the beginning

5. Fort Ticonderoga, a strategically important fortification during the revolution had since been reconstructed and turned into a museum.
a) Had
b) Been
c) Reconstructed
d) Turned

6. In making their calculations, Institute researchers assume that the least costly form of energy would be used.
a) Making
b) The least costly
c) Would
d) Used

7. A twenty-one-year-old man became the second casualty yesterday when he loses control of his truck.
a) Became
b) When
c) Loses
d) Control

8. Most people had written with quill pens until pens with metal points become popular in the middle of the nineteenth century.
a) Had
b) written
c) Pens until pens
d) Become

9. In a determined drive to pare its debt, Time Warner is launching a stock offering plan that would potentially raise $2.8 billion.
a) Determined
b) Its debt
c) Stock offering
d) Would potentially raise

10. The formula used in the study calls for either peroxide or metaldehyde, but metaldehyde was not always available.
a) Used
b) For either
c) But
d) Was

11. The most common time for tornados to occur are in the afternoon or evening on a hot, humid spring day.
a) Most common
b) Tornados
c) Are
d) Hot, humid

12. Automakers Nissan and ford and several aerospace research facilities in Great Britain are working lately to apply active noise cancellation to entire cars and planes.
a) several
b) Are working
c) Active noise cancellation
d) To entire

13. When a country in an early stage of development, investments in fixed capital are vital.
a) Country in
b) Investments
c) Fixed
d) Are vital

14. John Chapman became famous in American folklore as “Johnny Appleseed” after he plants apple threes throughout the northeastern part of the United States.
a) Famous
b) Plants
c) Throughout
d) Part of

15. Inasmuch he kept mostly to himself, the author of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was known as “the mysterious B.Treuen.
a) Inasmuch
b) Mostly
c) To himself
d) Was

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